The collection

Piece by piece. Block after block. Like digital stones to build the world of corpega corp.
Each artwork is a 1/1 NFT minted on the Ethereum blockchain. No bullshit supply. Only scarce assets for exigent collectors.

The incentives

The art obviously. But there is more… Collectors get rewarded each time they scoop a corpega piece!

You can’t afford a piece but you would love to join the tyranny? Well there is a solution…

About corpega ?

OG cryptoartist formerly known as PX99. He began its NFT journey early 2020 by minted some iconic pixelart on PixelChain Classic. He also joined top tier platforms MakersPlace, Known Origin and Async…
Then came the vision of corpega corp and the rebranding to corpega in April 2022 to fulfill it. And of course the epic project he’s building by putting together prominent and emerging artists to the JPGfam collab! Future is bright already!

Building corpega corp.
A world of art and tyranny ◮

Collectors get:
→ 1/1 iconic art pieces 💎
social money 💎
… burn $CORP for JPGfam 💎

You want that! I want you!

Oh… And follow me on Twitter @corpega
OG & self-proclaimed prophet of cryptoart

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corpega corp.

corpega core collection



Trading cards on Tezos


Headless frens

Not so shitty PFP


Biggest cryptoart collab


Early works as PX99

2020 to 2022 period. Selected projects.


corpega genesis collection



Atomized puzzles



Digital pastries


Randomized PX99 stuff



Can’t choose your family? Bullshit! What about us?!

1014 CC0 cryptoart pieces created by OGs, legends, collectors, frens, you… All members of the fam!
So what it is? Badges? IDs? Cards? We prefer to call these proofs of existence^^
A gigantic collab with warm friendly vibes of us. No utility otherwise. Isn’t art the value itself? So we JPGfam already made it! 🔥

Headless Frens

Have a good head on your shoulders? Not them!
CORPpoops drop #1
Supply 1309

Notable drop

corpega corp. #1 – genesis

Fuck hopium

corpega corp. #5

corpega corp. contract

Powered by Manifold
Deployed in 2022

Where to get a corpega piece ?

• corpega corp. art is available on both Opensea and Rarible. All pieces are minted on a dedicated smart contract built on
• corpTEZ cards are available on
• Headless frens PFP project is directly mintable from corpega website
• Pixelchain genesis corpega collection is on Opensea
• Mosaic, Millefeuille and other dope series are on MakersPlace
• JPGfam epic cryptoart collab is on Rarible

When will new piece be released ?

Follow @corpega on Twitter for updates and news about NFT drops.

What if a corpega corp. piece is sold out ?

Then the entire supply has been purchased… Such things are pretty common since corpega only produces 1/1 artworks for his core collection.
Collectors may hold without listed these for sale. You have to wait for a sell, make an offer or choose other pieces to buy.
Things are different with corpTEZ and JPGfam that’s being said… Affordable editions. Check it out.


corpega corp.

a world of art and tyranny powered by


OG & self-proclaimed prophet of cryptoart