Collectors incentives

Because community is everything

$CORP token

My social money fuels the economy around my art.
Collect any corpega project and be rewarded with $CORP:

From primary:
1 x JPGfam except ‘Exclusive’ → 300 $CORP
1 x Headless frens → 300 $CORP
1 x MakersPlace piece → 3k $CORP
1 x corpega corp. piece → 5k $CORP
1 x Pixelchain piece → 5k $CORP

From secondary
Any corpega piece… 0.1ETH worth → 3k $CORP
Any JPGfam piece (from Rarible only) → 1.5k $CORP

Other ways to earn $CORP:

• Be a JPGfam artist:
1x JPGfam created → 1.5k $CORP
1x of your JPGfam sold on secondary → 3k $CORP
1x exclusive JPGfam created → 9k $CORP

• Support me on Twitter by being a $CORP loyalty ambassador.
• Engage on $CORP giveaways and contests. These take place on a regular basis on both Discord and Twitter.

JPGfam exclusive

$CORP gives you the ability to scoop exclusive JPGfam ‘promo material’ pieces that would not be mintable otherwise… So this is the only way to get these from primary!

Price is set to 3k $CORP per edition
Each JPGfam exclusive piece is an edition of 10

• Send 3k $CORP to ETH dead address:
• DM @corpega on Twitter – share the Etherscan tx
• You’ll receive a claim code to mint a free JPGfam exclusive piece!

Check out the JPGfam exclusive page 👀

$CORP tokenomics

🔥 All $CORP used to mint exclusive JPGfam pieces are forever fucked 🔥
💀 because sent to the DEAD address 💀
🤔 Supply is deflationnary as you understand 🤔
Hold tight your precious token 💎

Total supply (before burn) is 10M

See the $CORP smart contract

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$CORP council

— Extra benefits reserved for top 100 holders —

silver tier

$CORP holders ranked 11 to 50


Hold on your token and take part to the monthly bronze giveaway
30% from JPGfam monthly sweep raffled to silver holders

gold tier

$CORP holders ranked 1 to 10


Hold on your token and take part to the monthly bronze giveaway
50% from JPGfam monthly sweep raffled to gold holders

bronze tier

$CORP holders ranked 51 to 100


Hold on your token and take part to the monthly bronze giveaway
20% from JPGfam monthly sweep raffled to bronze holders


$CORP (kinda) whitepaper

$CORP and the JPGfam collection work on total symbiosis.
corpega collectors get rewarded with $CORP. These coins allow them to mint exclusive JPGfam pieces that would not be available otherwise. Top 100 holders ($CORP council) are automatically onboarded to reserved JPGfam giveaways that take place on a monthly basis. Editions raffled came from the fees aggregated by the JPGfam collection itself. So the virtuous circle. Money from the JPGfam goes to the fam again and again. Floor is swept with these fees while the remaining 50% goes to our dear founder and self-proclaimed prophet of cryptoart corpega. For information the $CORP council golden community treasury wallet can be tracked using the ENS domain JPGfam.eth while corpega.eth logically serves to corpega.

• corpega collectors are happy because they get free $CORP for collecting iconic art.

• $CORP holders from council are happy because they can mint exclusive JPGfam pieces for free.
And because they can win historic JPGfam pieces by engaging in reserved giveaways and contests.
And because $CORP becomes scare with time… So it will goes up only? Dunno. We’re not financial advisors. Btw this thing isn’t traded yet!

• JPGfam artists are happy because collection floor is consistently swept thus giving exposure to their art.
They get 1500 $CORP for each piece minted on the collection.
They get 3000 $CORP each time one of their JPGfam is sold on secondary.
∗ Note that there is no solution to split fees between 114 artists as of today… So take the $CORP/JPGfam relationship as the best option we’ve found!

• JPGfam collectors are happy because their pieces appreciate in value over time.
They get 300 $CORP for each edition they mint from primary.
They get 1500 $CORP for each edition they buy from secondary.
And of course they are happy because they keep cryptoart alive while bear market extends forever… And they buy the best and the most guenuine art for peanuts!

• We are all fucking happy and proud to back $CORP social money and the JPGfam collection and all the badass projects corpega brings us!

The more JPGfam secondaries happenned the more floor is swept the more artists get exposure the more $CORP is giveaway to them and the council overall and the more JPGfam exclusive pieces are then giveaway to them and the more…

Well… You get it fam! Best thoughts ever!

$CORP leaderboard ranking can be found on Etherscan

∗ Note that utility can elvolve depending on the $CORP council talks… For example fees from secondary could also be utilize to build liquidity to set up a $CORP/ETH pool on Uniswap… Or any diabolic things you could think about ^^

🎁 $CORP gave away 🎁


🔥 $CORP burnt 🔥


OG & self-proclaimed prophet of cryptoart

© 2023